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Ayhan Acar

Hi people! I'm a geomatic engineer and physical education teacher. I'm currently getting my master's degree in kinesiology. I played rugby for 8 years and currently operating a gym. I will try to share my experiences about fitness. You might also find reviews about latest products regarding different sports.

8 Best Volleyball Spandex Shorts in 2020

Spandex shorts tightly compress the skin, and they provide a substantial amount of compression. We use volleyball spandex shorts for the same purpose. They...

7 Best Lacrosse Gloves in 2020

Lacrosse gear is important for any serious player out there. We use lacrosse gloves for protection, mostly. However, their other functions are important too!...

9 Best Soccer Socks in 2020

Soccer socks are an important item for soccer games and training. It doesn't have a direct effect on your performance but it will provide...

8 Best Speed Agility Training Sets in 2020

Ability is a skill which helps us to shift directions fast and speed up in motion. It's a very necessary skill which can be...

5 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Men in 2020

Basketball is a well-known sport which is played all around the world. Outdoor basketball sneakers on the other hand are highly popular among men....

11 Best Artificial Turf Soccer Shoes in 2020

Artificial turf is a kind of soccer surface. It's specially designed to give the players feeling of a natural grass without irrigation or trimming....

8 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Men in 2020

Indoor soccer is a highly popular game for many countries! Therefore, indoor soccer shoes are important for any indoor soccer player. The game is...

5 Best Lacrosse Heads in 2020

Lacrosse is a fast sport therefore you need the right lacrosse head to perform at your best in the field! There are different types...

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