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Ayhan Acar

Hi people! I'm a geomatic engineer and physical education teacher. I'm currently getting my master's degree in kinesiology. I played rugby for 8 years and currently operating a gym. I will try to share my experiences about fitness. You might also find reviews about latest products regarding different sports.

5 Best Lacrosse Shafts in 2020

Lacrosse shafts are pretty crucial for any player out there. However, picking the best possible shaft might be hard for some people out there....

9 Best Lacrosse Pads in 2020

Lacrosse pads are crucial equipment for the players. They have a direct impact on the game. High-quality lacrosse pads will affect the skill set...

6 Best Volleyball Shoes for Women in 2020

Shoes are critical for any support. They will have a direct effect on your performance. volleyball shoes are not that different. There are some...

5 Best Softball Bats in 2020

A proper Softball bat is a must if you want to perform at your best. It directly affects the performance of the player. Each...

8 Best Ice Hockey Skates for Kids in 2020

Ice hockey is a popular sport, especially for kids. Therefore, your kid will need the proper equipment for the sport. Ice hockey skates for...

13 Best Horse Boots in 2020

Horse boots are crucial for equine sports. They will improve the performance of the horse and provide the protection they need. There are different...

7 Best Baseball Bats in 2020

Baseball bats are the main accessories of baseball sport. They have great importance for the batters. If you want to have good games and...

9 Best Women’s Bike Shorts in 2020

Bike shorts are crucial when it comes to comfort and performance. Women's bike shorts are necessary if you want to be a serious rider....

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