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10 Best Air Hockey Tables in 2020

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Air hockey is a high pass time activity, and it has some beneficial features. However, to reap the full benefits of air hockey, you should have a fully functioning air hockey table. There are dozens of products in the market, and you might have a hard time finding a nice one. If you follow my instructions correctly, you might be able to find a decent one. You can also check the comparison table to get the best one as fast as possible!

Top Seller Air Hockey Tables

Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

  • One of the easiest air hockey table to use.
  • You can set it up in 15 minutes on any table you want.
  • It’s a perfect addition to small events because of the easy setup!
  • The electric-powered air table has all of the necessary stuff for an enjoyable game. It comes with a scoreboard and 2 mini pucks and pushers for convenient gameplay.
  • The small size of the air hockey table makes it suitable for powerful games.
  • It’s a CUL certified and works with an AC socket.
  • The materials are perfect. The top of the product is made of foam protected material so you can’t even cause a scratch on the surface.

The game works with two AAA batteries which are pretty easy to find. You can take it anywhere because of the compact design. I really like suggest this one if you need a high-quality air hockey table!

GYMAX 54″ Air Hockey Table

  • A smooth surface is a must for any air hockey table, and this table has it.
  • This one has a beautiful and colorful design, which will keep your guests attracted.
  • The smooth surface allows the puck to flow freely, which is a must.
  • The air hockey table is equipped with 4-panel legs, which keep the game steady and secure.
  • Premium MDF and PVC materials are used in the production of air hockey tables, which allows for better long term usage.
  • DC motor provides real airflow, which reduces the friction between puck and surface. It works well and suitable for semi-professional games.
  • The LED electronic score works well; you can keep the score easily!

This one is straightforward to assemble, so if you are a newbie when it comes to joining, you can always prefer this one! You can also clean it with wet clothes which are accessible to most people. This one is an excellent beginner air hockey table that does the job effectively!

Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table

  • Sleek and contemporary air hockey table from Brunswick brand.
  • Approximate Dimensions: 83.75 x 41.75 x 30 inches
  • The weight of the air hockey table is close to 150 pounds. If you are going to change the position of air hockey table regularly, you should look into other models.
  • The blower works exceptionally perfect! It’s constant and keeps every game at an exciting pace.
  • The sturdy pedestal base is excellent for things steady and working.
  • You can easily keep the score on an abacus on the hockey table.
  • The product comes with four pucks and two mallets. You can also buy additional ones on Amazon.
  • It has a 90-days manufacturer’s comprehensive warranty!

If you are looking for a high-quality air hockey table, you should think about this. It has a reasonable price tag compared to its peers. The only downside is it weighs too much, which might be a problem if you are looking for something portable. Other than that, this air hockey table is fantastic and does the job effectively!

Lancaster 48 Inches 3 in 1 Pool Billiard Slide Hockey

  • This a three one game table that works effectively if you are looking for a constant change.
  • You can easily change the games in a few seconds.
  • Sidelocks are great for keeping the game steady and working.
  • Compact and multipurpose design is perfect for small spaces.
  • Manual scorers on each side which work quite well.
  • It mostly suitable for children because of the height.
  • The game table looks pretty awesome, but long people have a problem playing with it. You have to bend a lot to enjoy this game.
  • The materials are incredibly sturdy and work pretty well.
  • The reasonable price tag for a three in one game!

If you lack space in your room, you might want to think about this one. You can also change the games pretty fast, which is a lifesaver. You can also enjoy three different games real quick with the help of fast-changing ability. I suggest this one if you are looking for a multi-purpose game table! This might also be perfectly suitable for little kids since it’s low in height.

Sportcraft 48 Inches Air Hockey Table With Electronic Scorer

  • The air hockey table works great within any environment.
  • It has a funky and beautiful design both adults and kids can enjoy!
  • The electronic scoreboard is excellent for keeping scores. It’s effortless to use.
  • Table Dimensions 48″ L x 24″ W x 30″ H.
  • You have to do a little bit of assembly.
  • This table is also pretty lightweight, which allows you to move it around pretty quickly!

This one can work correctly for the kids since it looks lovely. The colors are vibrant and shiny. The price tag varies a lot, so you better check out the seller’s page.

Westminster Tabletop Air Hockey

  • Parents generally use tabletop air hockey since they don’t consume any space at all.
  • This is small in size, but it works effectively!
  • Size: 16″ x 9″ x 3″.
  • Suitable for kids above three years of age.
  • Extremely compact and sleek design.
  • You can carry it around quickly!

If you are looking for a portable tabletop air hockey, you should get this one! It works like a charm, and the price tag is quite low!

Portzon Electric Air Powered Hockey

  • Perfect wooden color and fun design. It resembles nature, which is soothing the soul.
  • This is a high-quality tabletop air hockey that works quite well.
  • The motor provides steady airflow, which is crucial for serious gamers.
  • The materials are safe for kids. It’s made from dense wood that doesn’t contain anything harmful to kids.
  • The gameplay conditions are pretty sleek. This one works flawlessly.
  • The assembling is easy. It comes with everything necessary, so you won’t have a hard time assembling.
  • The sliding surface is extremely high-quality; it allows the puck slide freely.
  • It has a 3-year warranty, which is perfect for long term users.

If you are looking for a high-quality tabletop air hockey, you should get this one! This one works flawlessly and allows for professional games. It’s also really compact, which is crisp for small rooms. The price tag is high compared to other ones in the market!

Simtec PowerBand Air Hockey Tabletop Game

  • It’s a highspeed game without batteries or electricity.
  • This one works perfectly for little kids since they don’t have too much expectation.
  • The gaming frame is quite lightweight, and you can store it easily!
  • The set includes two pucks, which are perfect for carpet playing.
  • The quick flip goalie mallets are also really useful in this design.
  • Suitable for ages six and up.
  • Measures 34″-square or 34″ x 49″

If you are looking for basic air hockey for kids, you can prefer this one without hesitation. It’s also really cheap, which makes it perfect for people on a budget!

Hey Play Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table

  • This mini arcade air hockey table is perfectly suitable for little kids.
  • It doesn’t consume any space at all. If you lack space in your home, you can prefer this one!
  • You can also carry it anywhere since it’s lightweight.
  • The puck can be found thanks easily to easy puck return. It will slide it back within seconds.
  • Every game is action-packed since it’s a real air hockey table.
  • It operates with 8AA batteries, which are not included in the package; you have to buy them separately!

Wood and plastic are used in the production of the air hockey tables. It’s not harmful to kids, which makes it a great candidate for any kid out there! If you are looking for an air hockey table for kids, you can get this one!

GOPLUS 48 Inches Air Powered Hockey Table

  • I’m in love with the looks of this hockey table. It has vibrant and bright colors, but it still looks classy.
  • 12V Dc motor provides an immense experience, which is a must for air hockey tables!
  • The airflow quality is pretty high!
  • The game comes with an LED electronic scorer and manual scorer. You can use both of them according to your needs.
  • The specialized coating on the hockey tables surface is high-quality. It allows pucks to flow freely without any friction.
  • Steady and durable design allows for long term usage.
  • It’s also effortless to assemble, which is perfect.

This one works high compared to other mid-end air hockey tables. It does the job effectively and doesn’t have any flaws at all. However, some customers reported assembling problems, which might be bad for some people. Make sure you read the reviews before you make the purchase!

How to Pick the Best Air Hockey Table?

There are tons of products in the market, and it’s tough to find a decent air hockey table. Most of the time, they separate into two different categories, which are standard tables and tabletop air hockey. Tabletops are celebrated for people who lack space in their rooms. They are easy to store and use it later on! These air hockey tables are also really cheap, which can save you some bucks in the long run! You can prefer them if you are short on the budget.

Air hockey tables are a little bit expensive than essential products, but they do the job more effectively! There are also some high-quality products in the market which are used by the pros. You can buy one of these air hockey tables if you want to pay up to 1000 dollars.

Material Quality

Material quality varies a lot. Most of the tabletop air hockey is low in class, but some gems in the market work well. You should scrutinize material quality if you want a long-lasting air hockey table. Most of the time, surface quality varies a lot, which has a direct impact on game performance. If you want a decent game performance, you should get air hockey tables with excellent surface quality.

The quality of the legs is also outstanding if you want a stable air hockey table. Some plastic ones have problems when it comes to stability. You might see some products which are made of wood; these generally work great if you assemble them correctly!


The price tag of air hockey tables varies a lot. There are some products which cost around 15 dollars, which is quite low. If you are going to get the air hockey table for kids, you can prefer this one since they do the job effectively! If you are after high-quality air hockey tables, you should pay more than 100 dollars so you can enjoy the gameā€”the quality changes when you spend more than 100 dollars. Make sure the air hockey table has a high airflow engine which works flawlessly!

AirFlow and Friction

Some tabletop hockey tables don’t have any airflow. Those are out of the category, and they are generally made for little kids. However, if you are a severe player, you should look at air hockey tables with high airflows. Make sure the device you are buying has a higher power level than 12volts. This is crucial if you want to enjoy the game without any problems. The dual airflow technology is also high if you can afford that.

Friction generally depends on the surface material of the air hockey table. This is usually not a problem if you pay money above 50 dollars. If you are going for low-cost ones, make sure you inspect the product correctly!

Age Level

The air hockey table should be suitable for the user’s age level. Low-quality ones are generally suitable for little kids. If you are going to buy an air hockey table for your kids, you can get away with paying 20-30 bucks with ease!

If you are looking for something more professional, you should spend more than 100 dollars, in my opinion.


The assembling could be crucial if you don’t know anything about it. Some products are straightforward to assemble, which doesn’t cause any problems for you. If you don’t have any questions with collecting, make sure you get products that are stable and durable for long term usage.


Air hockey tables are high for passing free time. Both adults and kids can enjoy this fantastic and straightforward game with ease! All of you have to do is finding a decent air hockey table which can do the job effectively! If you read all of my suggestions, you won’t have any problems at all! You should also read all of the reviews to pick the best one possible! I hope you liked the article!

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Hi people! I'm a geomatic engineer and physical education teacher. I'm currently getting my master's degree in kinesiology. I played rugby for 8 years and currently operating a gym. I will try to share my experiences about fitness. You might also find reviews about latest products regarding different sports.



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Hi people! I'm a geomatic engineer and physical education teacher. I'm currently getting my master's degree in kinesiology. I played rugby for 8 years and currently operating a gym. I will try to share my experiences about fitness. You might also find reviews about latest products regarding different sports.

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