11 Best Basketball Insoles in 2020

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Arch support is significant for basketball shoes. Most of the shoes have enough arch support. However, some shoes or some players might need that extra support for special occasions. Basketball insoles are where it comes to play for situations like these. If you want to experience the best training sessions and games possible, you might want to think about basketball shoe insoles. There are tons of products in the market, but I will inspect the top sellers for you. Let’s look at the products and find a suitable one for your needs!

Top Basketball Shoe Insoles






VKTRY Performance Insoles for Men

  • These insoles are perfect for performance. It’s made with carbon fiber which makes it the most durable insoles in this article!
  • The insoles are perfect for improving athletic explosiveness and energy return because of their design.
  • Premium sports insoles are the perfect choice when it comes to reducing aches and pains and this works according to that principle.
  • These insoles are proven to increase the rate of force development by %9.3.
  • There are a couple of studies done with the insoles which showed %41 less foot and toe injuries with the product. The other study also showed that athletes had a %22 lower injury at lower leg.

I really like the idea of shoe insoles when it comes to ankle sprains because they are perfect for getting back to action. I generally don’t use any insoles when I’m at my hundred percent but these ones are great for injury rehabilitation and i definitely suggest this one since it has the high-quality you need.

Senthmetic Basketball Insoles Full Length

  • There are three sizes on the sales page. You can pick the suitable one for your shoe size!
  • High arch support is excellent for people who problems. It can work flawlessly for people with flat feet, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, or runner’s knee. If you have issues like this, you might benefit from this one since it supports the functions of the feet.
  • The materials are high-quality. It’s made of dual-layered high-performance EVA-foam, which is comfortable for the players.
  • The durability of the product is also excellent compared to other ones in the market!
  • The functionality of the insoles is 9 out of 10, in my opinion. They don’t limit the movement of the player and provides adequate support for the player’s feet.
  • The insoles are suitable for all shoe types. However, the design is perfect for basketball shoes!
  • The brand offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product!

I like the design of this shoe insoles. They look fantastic and provide excellent support for the player. The material quality is also top-notch, which separates it from the rest—highly suggested!

Dr. Scholl’s SPORT Insoles

  • This one is the best seller when it comes to shoe insoles.
  • There is a two pair version if you want to save money in the long run. ,
  • The massaging technology is excellent for providing your feet the support it needs.
  • It provides enough support for side to side stability. Your movements won’t be affected by the insoles!
  • The shoe insoles are suitable for running shoes, court shoes, and sneakers. You can also trim it to fit any shoe size!
  • The product comes with a money-back guarantee.

If you are an amateur person who is into sports, you might want to try this one since it does the job effectively! The two-pack version offers excellent value. You can probably use them for longer than six months, depending on your activity level!

GAOAG Shock-absorption Breathable Insole

  • The seller’s page has different design options so you can buy insoles with different colors. Some people are obsessed with this feature because they want to match the insoles with shoe color. However, it’s not necessary for my opinion.
  • You have to check the shoe parameters before buying them. The ınstructions are pretty clear.
  • The heel part has in-depth protection, which is perfect for long term sports. If your training lasts longer than two hours, you are going to love this feature!
  • You can hand-wash your shoe insoles and air-dry them to keep them clean and safe.
  • The design is great for casual usage too. If you are always walking, you might want to try these insoles.

The heel cut is intense, which provides maximum support. If you have heel problems, these basketball insoles can work pretty well. The price is also reasonable, which makes them a great alternative.

Sof Sole Men’s Air Insole

  • The Skydex air bubbles are great for absorbing the impact. The arch support is real compared to other products.
  • The forefoot has a gel part which provides maximum cushioning.
  • The top part has a high-quality fabric cover, which will keep the feet cool and dry. The materials make the insole suitable for long term usage.
  • The insoles are perfect for any athletic event. You can use them running, basketball and tennis with ease.
  • There are four size options on the sales page. You can pick the suitable one for your shoe size.

If you are looking for a high-quality shoe insole, you can prefer these. They work perfect compared to other standard ones in the market. I can vouch for these!

Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles for Men

  • If you have arch pain, you should try these insoles. Pediatricians suggest to them. The comfort of the insoles is perfect.
  • The insoles are suitable for both genders and any type of activity. You just have to pick the appropriate size for your feet!
  • You might feel some foot pressure in the first week of wearing, but it’s perfectly normal. Your feet will get used to the feeling of the insoles less than a week.
  • You should wear these insoles around 2-3 hours per day in the beginning. You can gradually increase the time as your feet adapt!
  • The anti pronation biomechanical reinforcement technology offers a superb level of arch support.
  • The deep heel cradle offers a considerable amount of support, which will keep your feet stable. I like the deep heel supports for supports since they provide the support you need.
  • The stability of the insoles is excellent. You can use them during your sports activities without any problems.

I suggest these if you have arch pain. You should always consult your doctor before using specialist products like these!

Sof Sole Men’s Neutral Arch

  • There are three arch versions on the sales page. It comes to your personal preference for the insoles. I prefer the lower arches for sports if my shoe has enough support. However, if you have a flat shoe and you are looking for an insole, you can get high arch support.
  • The product is made of a hundred percent nylon.
  • The low arch version 2.8 cms of arch support.
  • The deep heel cup stabilizes the foot without any additional support.
  • High-rebound foam density is specially calibrated for low arches.
  • The insoles are ideal for everyday usage. You can also use them during sports activities!

If you have preferences for arch heights, you should try this one. I love the low arches when it comes to basketball shoes since most of the basketball shoes have enough arch support!

Megoday Professional Basketball Insoles

  • The price of the insoles makes it a great alternative.
  • There are four different size options on the sales page. You should pick the one that’s suitable for your feet size.
  • The material is high-quality PU material, which will last for a long time.
  • The shock absorption is normal. There are better products on the market!
  • The anatomical arch support improves the foot and leg alignment.

If you are looking for a suitable alternative, you can try these insoles. The price of them also makes them great for any activity!


Nxtmile Premium Basketball Insoles

  • The insoles are suitable for both adults and kids.
  • These insoles are great for preventing heel related injuries. It’s specially designed for Osgood Schlatters Disease.
  • The insoles allow for longer training sessions. You won’t even feel them in your shoes!
  • This model is specially designed for basketball training. However, you can find insoles for soccer too.
  • If you wear these regularly, you will notice a reduced recovery time between your training sessions.
  • The price of the insoles is average.

If you are looking for a high-quality product with high-quality materials, you can try these. It does the job advertised, and it almost has no flaws at all!

Active Arch LLC Arch Support Insoles

  • There are different insoles on the sales page. Each insole is designed for various purposes. This brand has produced a variety of insoles for all kinds of sports.
  • These insoles are custom-molded, which means the insoles will have a custom set up for you.
  • The design of the insoles depends on the shape of your feet. You should follow the steps on the seller’s page to acquire the best possible result.
  • Custom molded orthotics are great for solving knee, back, and hip pain problems.
  • These insoles are great for healing and preventing injuries like:

    Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Tendonitis (Achilles, Peroneal, Posterior Tibial Tendon), Flat Feet (Pes Planus), Foot Pronation, High Arch Feet (Cavus), Arthritis, Sesamoiditis, Neuroma, Metarsalgia, Bunions, Hammertoes, Calcaneal Apophysitis (Sever’s Disease), Ankle Pain, Ankle and Foot Sprain, Heel Spurs, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, and many other conditions.

All of the orthotics have 30 days money-back guarantee, which is perfect. The active arch custom molded insoles are great for any person out there. If you want to do all of the procedures, these are the best thing you can find.

Uswahsky Sport Ultra-Comfortable Arched Insoles

  • The price of these arched insoles is exceptionally cheap compared to other products.
  • The soft sole material provides a smooth, comfortable wearing experience.
  • You can cut the insoles, depending on your preference.
  • The surface part is made of BK fabric.
  • The bottom part is made of TPU.

If you are looking for a cheap alternative, you can try these. These insoles are pretty basic, which might be better for some people.


How to Pick Best Basketball Shoe Insoles?

There are tons of products in the market, and it’s tough to decide which one is right for you. First of all, you need to determine your reason to buy these insoles. There are a couple of reasons you might need a shoe insole for your basketball shoes. If you are buying for comfort issues, you might need a basic shoe insole with arch support. If you have physical injuries that require medical attention, you will be better of visiting a doctor. However, you can still take a look at some of the shoe insoles. These are great for solving primary injuries like tendinitis. If you have specific problems, you must visit your doctor. Let’s look at the most important factors for buying a shoe insole for basketball shoes!


The price of the shoe insoles directly affects the quality. If you are looking for high-quality basketball shoe insoles, you should spend more than twenty dollars. Most of the high-quality products start at that price range, so you will be better if you do it. Some two-pack versions provide more value for your money. If you continuously use the shoe insoles, you can prefer these larger packs since you will save more money in the long run.

Material Quality

Material quality is vital for feet health. You will come across materials like EVA foam, BK fabric, plastic, and another type of foams. EVA foam is the best material for these types of shoe insoles, in my opinion. The top part should be made of it. The bottom part of the shoe insoles is made of rubber and plastic. You can also see the brand designed particular material types. These are nothing different than standard materials. However, they are patented by the brand so that they will have different names.


Your purpose will directly affect the function of the shoe insoles. If you are looking for comfort, you should be looking for high ventilation and comfortable foam on the upper part. Some shoe insoles have better arch support compared to other ones. If you have heel problems, you should look into shoe insoles with deep heel cuts, which will support your feet from side to side. Keeping a balanced and well-supported arch during the game is highly crucial, so the heel part is the most important thing.


The comfort of the insoles are highly related to the material they use. The shape of the insoles is also pretty important. If comfort is your main concern, you should look into custom basketball insoles since they will provide you with your feet shaped insoles. These will be a better long term solution if you are not looking for a quick fix.


The basketball shoe insoles are pretty helpful for any situation, and they are great for our feet health. However, you might have a hard time finding the right time. By reading this article, you can easily find the best shoe insoles for basketball. If you don’t want to read all of this article, you can check out the comparison table at the top. You can get the basic idea and the necessary attributes of a basketball shoe insole with ease.

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