8 Best Hockey Helmets in 2020

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Hockey helmets provide valuable protection for our kids during practice and game days. You have to be careful when it comes to picking the best hockey helmet. There are tons of products in the market which doesn’t provide the necessary things to keep your kid safe and sound. I’ve listed the things you should be careful about at the end of the article; you will learn plenty of things from there. If you don’t want to waste time, you can jump straight to the best hockey helmet reviews.

Top Seller Hockey Helmets





Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo

  • The tool-free adjustment is excellent.
  • If you are buying this one for your team, you can easily change the sizes and make it suitable for different players.
  • The helmet comes with Bauer 2100 facemask, which is a plus.
  • You don’t have to buy a facemask because of the deal.
  • There are six different designs on the sales page.
  • CSA/HECC certified.

The helmet is adjustable, but it’s not a one size fits all. The line of sight of the mask is perfect. The players can easily see everything. You can also use this one for training seasons, which allows a better view of player improvement. The chin strap is adjustable and removable, which makes it great. You don’t have to use the chin strap in every situation. Sizing might be smaller than standard helmets, so keep that in mind before you make the purchase.


Bauer Prodigy Helmet Combo

  • Dual-density foam is excellent for youth players. It will provide the utmost protection for youth players.
  • The two-piece combo makes it a great bargain.
  • You also get facemask with it, which is a huge plus.
  • CSA, HECC, CE certified.
  • This one is perfect for youth hockey players.

If your kid is starting, you can easily prefer this hockey helmet. It has all of the necessary things you can expect from a hockey helmet. The dual-density foam is perfect for youth players. The size adjustable, which also makes it perfect. You can change the size of the mask as your kid grows. If you want a high-quality hockey helmet for your kid, you can prefer this one!


Mylec Helmet with Chinstrap

  • There are four different color options on the sales page.
  • The helmet comes with a faceguard, which decreases the price.
  • The helmet can be used for training or matches.
  • It’s adjustable, which makes it a great option.
  • It can be used for inline or street hockey without any problems.
  • The quality is perfect for basic hockey training.

If you have the facemask but lack a standard quality hockey helmet, you can buy this one with ease.

Franklin Sports GFM 1500 Street Hockey Goalie Face Mask

  • There are five different designs on the sales page.
  • The Inferno version looks fantastic, in my opinion.
  • Street hockey goalies need extra protection for their faces, and this mask provides it.
  • It’s suitable for kids between 6 and 12 years of age.
  • The NHL logo adds a professional look to the face mask.
  • It is designed to provide you comfort and protection.
  • The backplate provides full coverage, and it’s fully adjustable.
  • The welded steel cage provides excellent protection for young kids.

If you have young kids, you can prefer this one! The helmet also looks perfect, which motivates the kids! Other than that, quality is ideal for long term usage, which makes it a valuable option.

Mylec Jr. Helmet with Wire Face Guard Review

  • The mask is lightweight, which makes it a great asset.
  • The heavy-duty wire cage is high-quality. It can withstand all kinds of damages with ease.
  • Foam chin-up is accessible on the face. You won’t feel uncomfortable when you are wearing this.
  • The outer shell is highly durable and suitable for long term usage.
  • The foam padding is 3/4 inches in thickness.
  • The size is suitable for young kids.

If you are looking for a hockey helmet that is suitable for your kid, you can prefer this one without hesitation.


CCM Fl3ds Youth Hockey Helmet-Mask Combo

  • This is an elite level hockey helmet designed for youngsters.
  • The quality of the product is perfect, which makes it one of the best!
  • The youth featured on the helmet is almost perfect.
  • The j-clip and top clip make it adjustable, which makes it work for the long term.
  • You can change the cage’s position to make it adjust for the kid’s head.
  • The quick-release straps are great for training. Your kid can easily control the helmet.
  • The chin bucket is specially designed, which makes it easily controlled by the kids.
  • The helmet-mask combo comes with seven different stickers, which make the kids attracted!

This helmet also works great for designing new team helmets. It has different stickers, which can make the helmet unique. There are also other color options on the sales page, which can be suitable for some parents. The hockey helmet has the quality; you can buy this one without hesitation.

Franklin Sports GFM 1500 NHL Team Goalie Face Mask

  • You can pick your favorite team’s helmet design and use it freely!
  • There are teams from both the U.S and Canada.
  • Young kids will have a good time since they know they look like their favorite players!
  • It can be used for street hockey games or collector items.
  • Most of the collectors buy and use this helmet for their collection.
  • These masks are not HECC/CSA certified, but they can be used for street hockey!
  • The size is suitable for kids between 6 and 12 years of age.
  • Chrome-welded steelworks perfectly.
  • The quick-snap straps work perfectly for long training sessions.

Your kids can easily practice street hockey with these helmets. They work well in most situations. The material quality is enough for long term usage, which makes this helmet a valuable option.

Schutt 2966 Air Maxx Catch Helmet

  • Most football fans know the Schutt helmets from football.
  • This brand produces high-quality helmets for football and hockey.
  • It has the same technology as Schutt football helmets.
  • It comes with the latest TPU cushioning.
  • The full vision is excellent for games. The players can easily see the whole field.
  • The carbon steel facemask is excellent, providing protection, and it’s also really lightweight.
  • Adjustable size is suitable for head sizes between 6 5/8 and 7 1/2.

If you are looking for a high-quality hockey helmet, you should get this one. The material quality and technology are top-notch. The price is on the higher end, but it’s perfectly normal for this kind of quality!

How to Pick Best Hockey Helmet?

There are various factors you need to think about before you purchase a hockey helmet. First of all, you need to determine who is going to use the hockey helmet. If you are going to use it for yourself or someone who is an adult, you should look into masks that are suitable for adult use. Most of the helmets in the market are designed for youth usage, which means you might have some problems using them. Other than that, I’m going to inspect a few factors so you won’t have a hard time finding a nice one.

Material Quality

Material quality varies a lot. Most of the time, foam paddings get thicker as the price increases. However, that doesn’t mean more abundant is always better. You should be looking for something comfortable and has the right foam thickness most of the time. Other than that, the quality of the outer part is also vital for long term usage. If the outer part has a good condition, the hockey helmet is going to last for a good time.


Price generally changes according to the quality of the helmet. However, there are some lovely products in the market which does the job effectively at a real low cost. You can also find a few of these items in this post quickly. There are some new products in the market which have low prices than others; you might want to think about these newcomers if you are short on the budget.

Foam Padding

The padding quality can vary a lot. Some products use really thin foam paddings, which provide no comfort and protection at all. However, this requirement changes from person to person. If you are looking for comfort, you can prefer thinner ones. Those are generally good for general comfort. Thicker ones also provide better support, in my opinion, which might be vital for some players. You can prefer thicker foam paddings if you are going to buy the helmet for young kids!


I think the list is quite good and adequate for most of the hockey fans. The best one is “Schutt 2966 Air Maxx Catch Helmet,” in my opinion. It has all of the necessary stuff you can expect from a hockey helmet. You can also check other options if you are buying the helmet for kids. Bauer has suitable models for kids who are quite good. Hope you liked the reviews, make sure you leave comments below to help me out! (2020 Update) The websites don’t have too many models when it comes to hockey helmets. These are the top sellers right now at Amazon.com. If you have any other products feel free to write them below so I can review them!

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