8 Best Horse Feeds in 2020

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Equestrian sports depend on the performance of the horse! The best way to increase a horse’s performance is by implementing proper nutrition for the horse. You can start improving your horse’s health by getting the best horse feed in the market. There are various factors you have to be careful about before you buy the best horse feed possible. You have to carefully inspect the materials inside it and make your decision according to that! Now let’s take a look at the best horse feeds on the market and learn about them!

Top Seller Horse Feeds 2020

Corta-Flx Pellets

  • The pellets have two different sizes on the sales page.
  • It’s perfect for maintaining healthy joints for the horses!
  • The ingredients are perfect and the formula has a unique cellular wall penetrating formula which is great for nutrient partitioning.
  • The product is designed to reach connective tissue and joint spaces thanks to its unique formula!
  • It comes with chondroitin and glucosamine in it which is great for horse joints!
  • The product is formulated with supportive vitamins and minerals to promote healthy joints!

This is a great clinically proven product that works extremely well. If you are looking for a product that is specially designed for the joint tissues you can try it out!

Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator for Horses

  • This one is great for fast gain weight gain because of the fat content of the feed.
  • As you know, one gram of fat has nine calories in it, and this feed is calorie-dense.
  • This feed is excellent for improving the small horse’s body condition.
  • It contains flaxseed, which is an excellent source of omega 3.
  • The omega-three inside of it will improve the digestion of the horse.
  • Biotin is great for hair growth. It will thicken the hoof of the horse. Humans also use biotin, and it’s beneficial for hair and nail health!
  • It can be used for older horses.

This one is great for keeping your horse in excellent condition. It has all the necessary macronutrients in it, which is a plus. I like the flaxseed addition, which promotes essential omega 3s for your horse. If you are looking for a complete horse feed, you can get this one!


Bluebonnet Feeds Triple Crown Senior

  • Grain-free.
  • High-calorie density.
  • Great fat content.
  • Suitable for senior horses.
  • It can be used for horses who are prone to ulcers.
  • This one can be used for performance horses because of the ingredients.
  • Beet-pulp based formula.

This product is beneficial because it’s grain-free, which is perfect for horses who are prone to ulcers. It also has an improved organic mineral content which is a huge plus! I can suggest this one for horses with sensitive stomachs.

Total Feeds Total Equine

  • One of the best horse feeds in the market.
  • It has all of the things a horse needs.
  • Fiber content is excellent for digestion.
  • High protein content for further growth.
  • It contains all of the major minerals.
  • Great for providing energy for small or big horses.

The price of the horse feed is excellent compared to other ones in the market. The protein content makes it different from other brands in the market. If you want to develop a healthy horse, you can try this one!

Modesto Milling Organic

  • This is a specially designed organic horse feed.
  • Premium organic GMO-free materials used in it. If you want the maximum performance, you can prefer this organic feed.
  • It’s perfect for sensitive horses out there; It doesn’t contain any soy products, which is excellent for horse’s health!
  • Vitamins and minerals strengthen the formula.
  • It also contains extra protein for consistent growth.
  • The formula has prebiotics and probiotics your horse needs. Great for improving the general health of the horse!
  • This one can be used for improving the immune health of the horse.
  • The formula is strengthened with omega three and biotin to improve the hair quality of the horse. Your horse will have the perfect hoof.
  • It can be used as a standalone supplement for your horse.
  • The supplement can be used for horses who are prone to weight gain!

This product is one of the best out there. It has all of the necessary materials for a healthy horse supplement. If you are looking for the complete package, you can get this one since it contains everything your horse needs!


  • It’s produced by ADM animal nutrition, which is a brand specialized in animal foods.
  • This one can be used for every stock animal.
  • It has a general nutrient profile that is suitable for mammals.
  • If you are looking for a cheap solution, you can prefer this one!
  • It has all of the high-quality ingredients you are looking for.

You can prefer this one if you are looking for something cheap!


Purina Animal Nutrition Purina Mini Horse and Pony

  • This horse feed is the newcomer in the market in 2020.
  • The feed is designed for small horses and pony.
  • The feed contains high amounts of beet pulp inside, which is excellent for small horses!
  • It also allows a small energy release, thanks to all of the fiber in it!
  • Proper digestion is crucial for the development of small horses.
  • This feed provides essential nutrients without disturbing the digestive system of the horse!
  • The nutrients in this package pretty consistent. Your horses can consume each package without hesitation.
  • This won’t cause an overfeeding effect since it contains high amounts of fiber. The horses can’t overeat this one!

If you have small horses and ponies, this one is the best one for you! You have to give it to your little horses, and they will get full quickly. The fiber in the package makes it hard for the horses to consume in high amounts!

Purina Mills Equine Senior Active

  • This one is designed for senior horses, which are pretty active.
  • The nutrients in this package have high calories compared to other ones on the list!
  • The package contains flax seed, rice bran, and vegetable oils, which are designed to give high amounts of energy to the horse!
  • It also contains prebiotics to help the immune system of the horse. If your horse regularly gets sick, you can give this one a try!
  • The high fat and fiber formula is excellent for the digestive system of the horse!
  • The package contains the right amount of starch and sugar to give sustainable energy levels for the horse!
  • It also has the right amounts of vitamin E, which is crucial for the immune system of the horse!

I suggest this one if you have an active horse in your barn! This horse feed is high in calories, which makes it perfect for extremely busy horses! If your horse always loses weight, you can try this one!

Horse Feeding Mistakes

We should be cautious when it comes to feeding our beloved horses. Most of the horse breeders don’t have the necessary knowledge when it comes to feeding these animals. You should avoid these common mistakes if you want to develop your horse correctly.


Most pet owners love their animals. We love looking after these beloved horses and feed them as much as possible. However, this might cause some problems in the long run! Overfeeding is a massive problem in our nature, which can happen quickly nowadays. In the old days, food was scarce, and animals won’t have this kind of problem. Obesity is a big problem nowadays, and it also affects animals. You have to learn specific feeding terminology to avoid the danger of overfeeding your horse.

Most of the horses can benefit from a simple diet. They don’t need extra food most of the time. Horse supplements in this article can be used to the same degree if you know what you are doing! If your horse has nutritional problems, you might think about these supplements. You should learn about the foods and add the necessary supplements to your horse’s diet.

Overfeeding can be a huge problem for young horses, which will affect their performance for the next years! It can cause joint malformations, which is bad for the horse’s speed. You should always aim for slow and steady growth for your young horse. Regular parasite controls and medications are perfect if you want to keep your horse lean and healthy!

Weight Gain

If your horse is underweight, you should take some simple precautions. This can have a variety of reasons. First of all, you have to determine the daily calorie intake of the horse you are training. If your horse is training too much, the animal is going to have a problem with its weight. You should track the importance of the horse daily and make adjustments according to that. If your horse always loses weight, you should increase the food amount or reduce the activity level of the animal. This is pretty crucial for the health of the horse. Overtraining can reduce the weight of the horse drastically, so you have to be careful about that!


Underfeeding is a massive problem because we tend to overestimate the calories of the horse sometimes. Some horses move around too much, and they need more calories than usual. If your horse is continually moving around, you need to implement more high-calorie dense foods into the animal’s diet! If you can’t keep your horse’s condition high with hay and pasture, you should aim for concentrates, which are great feeding options!

Overeating food can cause problems for horses. If your horse has digestion problems, you can look at horse digestion supplements, which can benefit your horse in the long run!

Other Problems

The pasture grass might have some problems. You have to scrutinize it and take away unnecessary weeds. Make sure your pastures are always in excellent condition and provide your horses with adequate nutrition.

Hay quality is another problem. Most of the time, horse owners don’t know which hay to buy for their horses! If you read this article, you can find some high-quality grasses which can be beneficial for your horses!

You should always calculate your horse’s diet by weight, not volume. Calorie calculations should be made around the importance of the food your horse eats! Make sure your horse eats enough amount of food for daily diet.

Which Grain Mixture is the Right One for My Horse?

It’s a tough decision to make if you love horses! I was confused when I was introduced to the world of horses. It was a significant confusion for me to understand all of the basics! You are going to learn about how much and what to feed the horses!

The old school feeding approach is excellent, and it also allows for vegetables like corn, barley, and molasses. You have to add some salts and electrolytes to it, and you are good to go!

Racing horses should be fed differently than the standard horses! They generally have a good quality of alfalfa added to their diets! Most of the racing horses have different vitamins and minerals in their daily diet! Supplements are also used within their regular grain!

The young horses, on the other hand, need different needs compared to adult ones! They have different nutritional needs compared to adult horses! The young horses have a growth spurt, which happens until around the four of five age, which is the most critical age for a horse! They grow similarly to our children, which will increase their height by a couple of inches! Their weight also goes down, and they will have a thinner waist!

Bigger Companies

There are different horse feeds in the market, which has the quality of mixtures. You can easily use one of these, but you have to know the unique needs of the horses. You should start with more substantial companies if you don’t want to make big mistakes! There are also big companies out there which have really good products.

You can understand the different feed mixtures by searching for more prominent companies. They generally have a wide range of products and one of them will meet your needs.

The suggested amounts are also critical to adjust the diet of your horse. You can learn these things with time. Trial and error is your best friend here because horses have different metabolisms which can change their daily needs. You can still learn about how much you should feed your horse from these big companies!


The pricing of the product is crucial because its low price products generally don’t have the quality. However, they still have their place in the horse feeding process. On the other hand, you should never think the product is excellent if it has a high price! You should always inspect the ingredients in the product to make a proper assessment of what your horse needs! The products that have high rates generally have lots of protein in them. However, the protein might not be the thing your horse needs, so you don’t have to pay the amount for that horse feed. Protein is generally good for performance horses or small horses!

You will also come across high priced horse feeds because of the brand! There are well-known brands out there that will impact the price of the product! If you have a mixture that you like, you can switch it up to another brand if the brand is continuously increasing the price!


As time passes, you should learn about the nutritional needs of your horse. You can avoid unnecessary time and energy waste by doing that! You can also design your mixture of horse feed, which is excellent for saving money!

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