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9 Best Lacrosse Pads in 2020

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Lacrosse pads are crucial equipment for the players. They have a direct impact on the game. High-quality lacrosse pads will affect the skill set of the player with ease. First, they provide protection, crucial for players. You need to cover up all important areas for the players. After that comfort and flexibility of the product is important too! The players should be able to move in freely in these pads if you want them to perform efficiently! There are many other factors which makes a good lacrosse pad but i won’t talk about them in this topic. Let’s look at the bestseller lacrosse pads in 2020 so you can pick reasonable equipment for yourself!

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STX Stallion 50 Shoulder Pad

  • They make the product of hundred percent fibers.
  • It’s imported from CHINA.
  • The coverage area is perfect for new players. It will give a sense of confidence!
  • There is name tag on the product which makes it perfect for young players. You won’t lose your pad with this feature!
  • There are integrated reversible pinnie holders.
  • It’s suitable for almost all positions.

The product is perfect for beginners. It also has a reasonable price, which makes it a great alternative!

STX Lacrosse Cell 4 Mens Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

  • They upgrade this product each year, so you will have a better product this year.
  • It’s made with an advanced technology called geoflex II. This makes the product lighter and flexible.
  • The protection system is perfect and covers up the crucial areas. It also has a ventilation system which makes it perfect for long training sessions!
  • The shoulder caps are perfect. Most of the players are highly satisfied with the protection they provide. They also provide a perfect anatomical fit.
  • The biceps pads are removable, which allows you to customize the pads.

You can prefer this one if you like the design and the price. It’s a little expensive compared to other lacrosse pads, but this one does the trick!

Maverik Lacrosse Max Speed Pad

    • This one is perfect for players who are looking for maximum comfort and mobility!
    • You can personalize the fit and coverage of the product thanks to comfort-fit design.
  • 37.5 liner is great for evaporating the sweat effectively!
  • It’s made in CHINA like other products. The quality of the products are close!

Another great alternative. This one is perfect for speedy players, you can customize the product which makes it stand out!

Maverik Lacrosse Mx Shoulder Pad

  • Perfect alternative for beginners.
  • Removable bicep pads allow for little customization!
  • The chest and spine plates cover up the important areas!
  • Made in CHINA.

This one can be an alternative for beginner players. It hasĀ  a reasonable quality for the price!

Epoch Lacrosse Integra High Performance Lightweight Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

  • I like the lightweight design of the product, you won’t even feel it!
  • The product comes with AED quick release function, which allows you the quick release of the front protection. You can easily control the front straps, which allows you better control over the product. You can take it off easily during training sessions!
  • The textile of the product is perfect. It allows for a perfect heat distribution and moisture control. There are micro crystals on the material which allows for a perfect absorption.
  • The carbon fiber is perfect for impact protection, the product also has carbon fiber on critical areas like elbow caps, biceps pads.
  • The dual density foam is perfect for comfort! You are definitely going to enjoy the flexibility the pad provides!

If you are looking for a high-quality lacrosse pad, this might be your number one choice. It also has a perfect design, which makes it a perfect alternative for lacrosse players!

Champro Sports Lrx7 Lacrosse Box Set

  • This set is perfect for beginners out there. It’s a complete set which comes with gloves and knee caps!
  • If you need high-performance equipment at a reasonable price with full necessary equipment, you can get this one!
  • The shoulder pads are big, which allows for better protection all over. However, this might cause some flexibility issues for advanced players!
  • The paddings on the product is perfect they are comfortable and absorbs all the impacts!
  • The gloves are perfect they have adjustable cuffs which provide excellent fit and comfort!

There are different size options at the sales page, you can pick a suitable model whether you are an adult or a teenager! This set is perfect for beginners out there since it’s a complete set a reasonable price!

Brine Youth Uprising II Lacrosse Shoulder Pad

  • This one is great for young players out there.
  • The product is hundred percent synthetic!
  • The dual-density protection is great for absorption impact. IT will provide an adequate amount of protection to young players!
  • The design of the product allows for easy wearing!

If you are looking for a price-performance product, this one solves most of your problems. The neck hole is a little small, which might cause problems if your kid has a big head. Other than that, the product is perfectly fine!

WARRIOR Regulator Lite Hitman Shoulder Pad

  • The shoulder system of the product is great for full coverage.
  • It’s perfectly fine for young players out there because of the design.
  • Perfect ventilation system for long training sessions!
  • The foam construction is dual, but it’s lightweight at the same time.
  • It’s made in CHINA.

The product is great for people who are looking to try out alternatives. It seems like it has an excellent design!

Epoch iD Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

  • I like the design of this shoulder pad!
  • It has a lightweight design but provides a great amount of protection for any player out there!
  • The bicep pads are removable, which makes them perfect for training sessions!
  • You can also adjust the shoulder pads based on your needs!
  • The rib straps are adjustable, which makes it suitable for skinny players! It’s also great for adjusting the product.

The product quality is top notch, which makes it stand out compared to other players! I definitely suggest this one for serious players out there!


There are plenty of lacrosse pads in the market right now. You should do your research if you want a high-quality lacrosse pad for yourself. There are a few factors like material quality, flexibility, comfort and price. These factors will determine the quality of the product you are buying. I’ve also added comparison table at the top of the article. You can check out it if you don’t want to inspect all the products!

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Ayhan Acar

Hi people! I'm a geomatic engineer and physical education teacher. I'm currently getting my master's degree in kinesiology. I played rugby for 8 years and currently operating a gym. I will try to share my experiences about fitness. You might also find reviews about latest products regarding different sports.



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Ayhan Acarhttp://www.ayhanburakacar.com
Hi people! I'm a geomatic engineer and physical education teacher. I'm currently getting my master's degree in kinesiology. I played rugby for 8 years and currently operating a gym. I will try to share my experiences about fitness. You might also find reviews about latest products regarding different sports.

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