5 Best Lacrosse Shafts in 2020

Ayhan Acar
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Lacrosse shafts are pretty crucial for any player out there. However, picking the best possible shaft might be hard for some people out there. I’ve tried to gather information about best seller lacrosse shafts so you can easily pick one for yourself! Let’s take a look at the shafts quickly so you can understand what’s going on!

Top Sellers

Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Eight 30 Inches Attack Lacrosse Shaft

  • The product has five unique designs at the sales page.
  • The dragonfly eight has a veil technology which increases the durability of the product!
  • The shaft is perfect for grip and stability! You won’t feel any tingling sensation when passing or shooting.
  • The flex profile is constant regardless of hand positioning!
  • The product has a perfect weight distributing; the technology allows removal of non-essential materials perfect for reducing the weight of the product.

The product is super light, which makes it perfect for young players. However, the customers reported durability problems.


East Coast Dyes ECD Lacrosse Carbon 2.0

  • Three color options at the sales page!
  • The durable texture is perfect for long-term usage. The product might have highest durability in our list!
  • The paint of the product is perfect. It won’t get affected by hits easily. You can use it for an entire season!
  • The design of the product is clean. If you are a minimalistic person like me, you can prefer this one!
  • The weight of the shaft is 5.4 oz which is low. It’s feels pretty lightweight in real life.

The product is also pretty sturdy, which makes it a great option for young players. The lightweight is also highly important for young players. I can definitely suggest this one without hesitation!

String King Metal 2 Attack Lacrosse Shaft


  • The product has five different weight settings, which makes it suitable for a variety of lacrosse players.
  • The young players can also use this one without hesitation!
  • The product comes with 6 months warranty. The company replaces it if you break it in the first warranty period!
  • The double taper technology is perfect for increasing the durability of the product. They design the lacrosse shaft for lasting longer!
  • The five original designs allow for specialization for each player. You can pick your preferred shaft with ease!

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shafts

  • Two color options at the sales page.
  • The product extremely strong and durable.
  • It has a reasonable price for the quality.
  • You can pick the size depending on your position.
  • The textured grip allows for better control over the shaft! It’s perfect for maximum feeling and control!

Brine F15-Lacrosse Attack Shaft

  • The product is made from 6000 grade aluminum alloy. It’s pretty lightweight.
  • The handle length is suitable for attack and midfield play.
  • The updated color streak graphic looks perfect in real life. I like the design of this one!
  • The product is so easy to use, thanks to its lightweight design.


The lacrosse shafts are crucial for any lacrosse player. There are a variety of factors determines the purchase. First, you need to determine the position of the player so you can make a suitable purchase. Each position has different type of shafts which improve their gameplay. The material quality, price, brand and design of the product is also important, they will affect the final purchase too but we will inspect them later.

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