5 Best Softball Bats in 2020

Ayhan Acar
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A proper Softball bat is a must if you want to perform at your best. It directly affects the performance of the player. Each softball is suitable for a variety of skill levels. You need to determine what type of hitter you are and make your pick according to that. I will share the top 5 best sellers so you can pick a suitable model for yourself!

Top Sellers

EASTON Hammer Slowpitch Softball Bat

  • The bestseller in slowpitch softball bats.
  • The material is an ALX50 military-grade aluminum alloy.
  • 1-piece construction allows for powerful hits.
  • The barrel is 12 inches.
  • Certification: ASA, ISF, USSSA, NSA, ISA
  • It has very good pop and doesn’t have any vibration!
  • If you are a novice batter, this will work very well for you!

If you are a non-power hitter this bat will suit you perfectly. It feels extremely good when you the sweet spot because of the pop feeling. If you are a beginner and looking for a slowpitch softball bat this one can work perfectly!

EASTON GHOST Fastpitch Softball Bat

  • There are different size options on the sales page. You can also pick the configuration and style of the baseball bat.
  • The double-barrel construction is perfect for feeling the pop and sound.
  • The product has extreme durability and flexibility that every player needs!
  • It has a lighter feeling which is great for making power hits!
  • The hyper skin grip is perfect for handling the bat without problems!

The product is perfect for fastpitch softball. It has the best pop feeling. However, there are some reports about low durability which might be a player issue.

2019 Miken DC41 Supermax Denny Crine USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

  • It also has a 2020 design which looks fantastic.
  • There are different configurations on the sales page.
  • It’s perfect for recreationally playing adults and high school softball.
  • The bat has a perfect speed and maximizes the hitting distances!
  • The 100 comp composite fibers deliver the performance you need.
  • 2.25-inch barrel diameter with 14-inch barrel length.
  • It only weighs 27 oz which is perfect for fast hitting.
  • It’s made in the USA so the quality is perfect.

Mizuno Finch Jennie Fastpitch Softball Bat

  • It’s made with an alloy which makes it lightweight and durable.
  • The grip quality might be better but it still works perfectly.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • The softball bat is perfect for recreational play.
  • The barrel diameter is 2 1/4 inches.

If you are looking for an affordable option this one is great. It works flawlessly for recreational play and has a reasonable price.

EASTON Ghost -11 USSSA Fastpitch Softball Bat


  • Durable Double barrel construction for heavy hitter!
  • TX Xtra tough resin matrix technology provides the durability you are looking for. It will easily last for a season for professional players!
  • 2-piece connexion allows for better vibration and feeling all over the softball.
  • The handle is high-quality, even the kids can hold it easily!
  • Certification (1.20 BPF): USSSA (FASTPITCH ONLY), NSA, ISA
  • The bat is perfect but it has limited usage because of the certifications!

It has a perfect balance and length for little players so I can definitely suggest this one for youngsters out there!


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