11 Best Fly Sprays for Horses in 2020

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The fly sprays horses are a must, in my opinion, especially if you have a big yarn. The flies are evil for the horses and their owners, which can cause health problems in the long run. They might even have adverse effects on our bodies too. There are tons of products in the market which have different ingredients in them. Each product has its usage area, and you will need to know what kind of product you need. I will do a deep dive into the topic and pick the most suitable product for you. You can also check the comparison table if you want a quick solution!

Top Seller Fly Sprays for Horses






Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray

  • This one is perfect for rainy conditions it literally sticks to the horse’s skin and works until washed up.
  • It will stay around 2 weeks in normal weather conditions.
  • It comes with a RepeLock conditioner. The spray bonds to the hair shaft which allows staying effective longer than normal products.
  • This is extremely effective against biting and nuisance flies.
  • It’s suitable for all horse ages.

The product works for 14 days. However, this might not be the case for long summer days. Horses sweat a lot during these phases which might reduce the effectiveness of the product. I suggest you use it every 5-7 days if you want full effects during the summer.

Farnam Wipe Original Formula

  • The wipe formula is excellent for removing the dirt and dandruff, which attracts the flies!
  • The coat of the horse will look better with this one since it contains active ingredients that are beneficial for the horse’s skin!
  • The product Contains pyrethrins, piperonyl butoxide, di-n-propyl isocinchomeronate, butoxypolypropylene glycol.
  • This one works flawlessly, and it can last 24 hours, depending on the environment. If you apply every day, I guarantee you will not have any problems at all!
  • You can use rubber gloves to apply the product. The wipe process can be applied with an old towel. You can wash the cloth and the gloves every day to things clean!
  • The rubber gloves and towels can be kept in the barn if you want to keep the flies away! However, you must withstand the smell.
  • You should shake the container before each usage so that the chemicals will dissolve efficiently

The product works flawlessly. However, if your horse has delicate skin might cause some problems. You can use other wipes for sensitive horses! The product can keep away the insects for 12 to 24 hours, which is perfect. I suggest this one!

Farnam 32 Fl Oz Bronco Gold Equine Fly Spray

  • This one works on almost all kinds of flies, which makes it very useful.
  • The spray works flawlessly on almost any fly. If you don’t know what kind of flies your barn has, you can try this one.
  • Some products are not active on specific flies, which confuses the barn owners, and this product doesn’t have a problem like that!
  • The product is oil-based, which makes it easier to apply and clean.
  • You can use an old towel to apply the products
  • The sheen on your horse will look beautiful. It’s so easy to apply
  • The product contains 0.1% pyrethrins, 1.0% piperonyl butoxide and 7.5% butoxypolypropylene glycol.

The smell of this product separates it from the other products in the market. It can also be used on other pets too, which makes it a great alternative. If you don’t like products that smell heavy, you can prefer this one!

Absorbine 32 Fl Oz Ultra Shield EX Fly Spray

  • One of the best formulas in the market.
  • It’s useful in any weather and application.
  • The sweat-resistant formula is excellent for busy people. You have to apply it only once every two weeks!
  • This fly spray can kill up to 70 species with ease!
  • There are sunscreen and coat conditioners in the formula.
  • The scent is citronella. It smells nice, but you will still feel the chemicals.

Your animals won’t like the product, but I bet you it’s incredibly useful. You can also use it on your pets without any problems at all! Animals are getting used to it after some usage. If you are looking for a high-quality fly spray, you should try this one!

Calm Coat Natural Fly Repellent for Horses

  • This one works okay, considering that it’s an environmentally friendly and natural formula.
  • The water-based combination of citronella and other botanicals are perfect for any condition.
  • This natural fly repellent doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals for the horse.
  • Protects from insects like mosquitoes, yellow flies, black flies, no-see-ums, gnats, chiggers, ticks, and deer flies.
  • If you need a stable product, you should look into other products in the market!
  • You can use it daily to be useful!
  • The product is made in the USA, so the quality is excellent for a natural product!

If you need a natural product for your horse, you can use this one! Calm coat natural fly repellent is also excellent for sensitive horses! If your horse has problems with chemical versions, you should try out this one!

DURVET FLY 003-1021 699757 Power Fly Spray

  • You can use this one with a spray or wipe.
  • The usage is on horses is suitable for horses that are older than three months old.
  • You should not directly use it on the horses, especially the eye areas and mucus membranes.
  • It’s suitable to use resting quarters and infested areas.
  • The product is made in the USA.
  • This one is especially effective for belly flies!

The price of the product makes it a great alternative! If you are short on the budget and you can’t apply a fly spray every day, you should try it out! If you need a reliable product which kills all of the insects you should look at other products. However, this one still works flawlessly!

HARRIS Happy Horse Neem Oil

  • There are different pack versions on the sales page. If you want to save money, you should pick the three-pack version since it offers excellent value!
  • The neem oil is made of a hundred percent cold-pressed and unrefined oil!
  • There are no chemicals or additional substances in this product. It works flawlessly for pets and gardens too.
  • You can apply it on the horses topically to keep insects away.
  • It can be used on plants, which is also perfect!
  • If you are looking for a high-quality cosmetic grade oil, you should try it out!
  • You can mix it with other fly sprays, but be careful while doing it!
  • It can be used on the coat and skin without any problems.

The products work flawlessly for a natural product. However, it has a bad smell that can be taken away by mixing with different sprays. The price of the product makes it an excellent alternative for any barn or garden out there. The product can be used on the plants, which makes it great for extra sensitive horses!

Pyranha Wipe N Spray

  • There are two versions on the sales page.
  • You can buy the gallon version if you have an applicator!
  • It’s ready to use. You don’t have to mix it with anything else!
  • The pyrethrum based formula works flawlessly!
  • It’s high in sheen, which is excellent for the animal’s coat!
  • It also contains lanolin as a coat conditioner!
  • Some of the animals might be allergic to the product, so you better test it out on a small surface!
  • You should wipe the product after applying it on the horse’s coat! The efficiency of the product is short, but it works. If you can use it every 3-5 days, you are going to get good results!

Bronco Farnam Gallon Fly Spray

  • This one is a cheap alternative to the gold formula above.
  • This is effective on six fly species, which are the most common ones!
  • The product comes ready to use, which can be used instantly by spray applications!
  • The nonoily formula can be used with a spray and wipe.
  • The product Contains 0.033% prallethrin, a proven adequate synthetic substitute for natural pyrethrin, plus 0.1% permethrin, 0.5% piperonyl butoxide, and citronella scent.
  • This one works flawlessly in hot weather. However, sweating still can be an issue. You have to follow the instructions to get the full effectiveness of it!

TV Non-Branded Items Tri-Tec 14 Fly Spray

  • This one protects against the biting of the classical flies!
  • The triple-action formula works great. The product contains natural pyrethrins that keep away the flies.
  • The sunscreen agent makes it work longer than expected.
  • The company says it can provide effectiveness for up to 14 days. However, the formula is water-based, and I don’t think it will offer that many days of protection. If you want a long-lasting product, you should look into oil-based sprays.
  • Safe and gentle on the horse’s skin, but you should try it on a small surface at first!

If you are looking for an alternative, you might try this one, but it’s not that good or different from most of the brands!

Manna Pro Nature’S Force Face & Body Wipes

  • The canister comes with forty wipes which are ready to use! You can use it on the face and body with ease, just make sure you stay away from the eye area!
  • The product protects from flies while keeping the coat shiny and conditioned!
  • The botanical formula is excellent for natural protection!
  • Citronella oil is used in the product, which is the classic for this kind of product!
  • It comes with antifungal properties that can heal the insect bites in the long run!
  • The smell of the product is pretty nice, thanks to cedarwood and rosemary oils in it! It works flawlessly, and the price is valid! If you can apply it every single day, it’s better!

How to Pick Best Horse Fly Repellent?

There are tons of horse fly repellents on the market. There are a couple of steps you need to be careful to make the best purchase possible. The essential factors can be listed as material quality, price, size, effectiveness, dry and hot weather, sensitive skin. These factors are pretty important will help you to make the best decision possible. If you know the importance of these factors, you can easily land your self an effective fly repellent.

Material Quality

This one directly affects the effectiveness of the product. If you are looking for an actual product, you should pay the money. However, some high-quality products in the market work despite the price. I’ve listed a couple of bangers on the topic, so you don’t have to do the research. If you are looking for high-quality fly repellents, yous should buy products that are made in the USA.


The products have different price ranges, which is pretty standard. Most of the natural products have increased costs compared to other chemical ingredients in the market! First of all, if you have too many problems with flies, you should invest in chemical products since they are the most effective. You won’t be able to afford high-quality natural products for every horse in the barn. If you have horses with delicate skins, you should invest in natural products. These types of products are better in the long run!


The size of the products directly affects the price. There are high-value products out there If you buy more than one pack. You must think about the size of the product because it will directly affect the long-lasting of the product. Some products need to be applied every day, which also affects the price in the long run!


The effectiveness of the product is related to a couple of issues. First of all, some fly repellents are not useful for some species. If you know species, you should ask the brand the essential questions. If you know about the insects, it’s great. You can make your decision based on the species you are fighting, and this is the most efficient way! There are some products out there which work more than fifty species, and these are great for any situation. If you have some problems with mosquitoes and other simple flies, you can invest in cheaper products!

Dry and Hot Weather

This will directly affect the durability of the product. IF you live in a hot area, water-based sprays will lose their effectiveness correctly. You should invest in oil-based sprays if you live in a hot area. The hotness of the city also directly affects to application frequency of the product, which also affects the price. Make sure your decision is based on logic and common sense!


The flies are troubled some for most of the horse owners. However, if you do enough research, you can root away from the problem with ease! I’ve listed the best sellers in the market and the most critical factors for a fly repellent. You must read all of the articles if you want o make the best decision possible. Make sure you leave comments below so that other people can learn about your experiences!

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