How to be Good at Rugby?

Ayhan Acar
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Being good at Rugby might be hard for some people because it needs an extreme amount of determination and planning unless you are born with natural talent! However, you can still quickly improve your skillset and become a good rugby player. There are some simple steps you need to follow to become a good rugby player.


Rugby training is essential for becoming a good rugby player. Every team sport has its specific training patterns, but you have to do something outside the field if you want to become a good player in any game. If you never went to a gym, you should start doing it right now. You can improve your various skills by going to the gym alone!

As you guys know, strength is the primary skill of the rugby players. Every position in rugby needs the power to be successful. It’s incredibly crucial if you are a forward player. Forward players tend to be stronger generally, and they are also bigger! If you want to become an excellent forward rugby player, you should be training strength pretty often.

Backs, on the other hand, still need strength but not as much as the forward players. Speed and agility are the most important stuff for the back players. You should do some sprints, squats, plyometrics work to improve your speed and agility. Speed is a natural talent, but you can still improve it by working hard.


The technique is a broad term because it contains all of the fundamentals. Passing, running, off the ball positioning, tackling, etc.. All of these are highly crucial for any newbie out there! In my opinion, you can still be a good rugby player without a perfect technique. Rugby is a sport which relies heavily on physical strength! However, if your physique is limited, you can still become a good player by perfecting your technique! You can start by watching some youtube videos and practice the drills in the videos.


Passing is most crucial for fly-half and scrum-half. However, backs use passing pretty much too. If you want to create beautiful attacking sets, you should be good at passing. Every player who is good attacks have perfect passing skills! You can overcome a strong opponent by passing through him with ease! This is the most crucial attacking skill in rugby, in my opinion. An excellent passer team will destroy any day.


Positioning can be trained in training sessions. You have to listen to your coach carefully and implement the stuff he said in the field. Practicing and remembering what your coach said is a crucial skill. You don’t have to apply all of the tips in a single session. Divide your coaches instructions and work on them one by one until they become second nature. By doing that, you will avoid unnecessary stress on your brain, and you will learn things faster.

Offensive positioning is a must for scoring tries! You have to have excellent levels of anticipation to finish the attacking moves! Anticipation can be developed by playing regularly with your partners!

Defensive positioning is mostly instinctual, but you can develop it with a good coach! You have to learn how to follow moving patterns of the opponent and make your move according to that!


Tackling is your primary defensive skill. Some players purely relieve on defensive skills in rugby! If you have an excellent physique, I suggest you should get your tackling skill perfect first! You can become extremely efficient by doing just this one. If you are good tackler, you can end most of the attacks with ease! It’s also amusing to tackle in rugby if you know the technique!


Developing your rugby skills is crucial for any player out there! The mental aspects can be increased by watching youtube videos and performing specific drills. If you want to get good at rugby, you can visit the link, and you can learn how to improve your physique!


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