13 Best Rugby Boots in 2020

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Rugby boots are pretty crucial for any player out there. They have a significant impact on our game, like any other sports. I’m a rugby player myself, and I like some of my shoes more than others. There are a couple of factors that I also mention below for people who are curious about details. I will list the best rugby shoes in the market so you can learn about them. If you don’t want to read the whole article, you can check out the comparison table and find the most suitable for your needs!

Top Seller Rugby Shoes


adidas Kakari SG Rugby Boots

  • The rugby boots are the perfect candidate for the forward players and scrum players.
  • The TPU plate technology is excellent for keeping your stable during the playtime.
  • The shoes are also pretty comfortable, which makes them great for long training sessions.
  • The superb grip of the product stands out. It’s the standard eight stud rugby outsole, which provides an excellent grasp on natural turf.
  • You can use it on artificial grounds, but there are better products out there.

The lateral movement support of the shoes is incredible. Your feet will extremely stable inside these shoes.

adidas Men’s Kakari Sg Boots Rugby ( Artificial Grounds )

  • I don’t like playing rugby on artificial grounds, but it’s what it is. This product works well for most of the artificial fields.
  • The gripping power reduces significantly on artificial grounds. However, you can still get a perfect grip on the ground with this type of shoes!
  • The product is made of a hundred percent off synthetics. There are no animal products in it!
  • The sole part is synthetic, and it provides an enormous amount of grip. The durability of the product is also lovely.
  • The shaft part of the shoe measures approximately 6-12 from the arch!
  • The platform part measures 0 to 3 inches.

The forefoot part has synthetic leather, which is excellent for comfort. I use this type of shoes for training most of the time. Synthetic products are great for long term usage, and they don’t cause any discomfort in my feet!

adidas Malice SG Rugby Boots

  • The lacing is asymmetrical, which is liked by many teenagers.
  • The outer material is synthetic leather, which is excellent for long training sessions.
  • The inner part is handmade, which ensures the product is high-quality.
  • I like the comfort of these boots because you don’t even feel them on your leg!
  • If you have standard feet with medium width, you should try out these!

One of the best rugby shoes of Adidas for adults and teenagers. The comfort of the boots separates it from the others. I highly suggest if you are looking for high-quality rugby training shoes!

Canterbury Men’s Soft-Ground Rugby Boots

  • The upper is synthetic, which makes the product extra durable.
  • One of the most long-lasting rugby shoes out there. My friend wears it for a year without any problems at all!
  • The 10mm foam cushioning is excellent for comfort, which is adequate for most of the players.
  • The remaining part of the shoe is synthetic, and they do the job effectively.
  • The closure is lace-up, which might not be suitable for some players. I like the asymmetrical laces.
  • The shoe width is medium, which is suitable for most of the feet!

If you are looking for rugby shoes that can work flawlessly, you can prefer this one. These shoes work effectively for almost any player out there! The color of the shoes is also great, which makes them my number one choice. The fitting is also quite wide, which is excellent if you have broad feet.

adidas Engage AG All Ground Men’s Rugby Union Boot

  • All parts of this shoe is made of synthetic materials.
  • The upper part is pretty durable.
  • The design of the shoe makes it suitable for back players.
  • The foldover tongue is excellent for comfort. You can also use it for training sessions.
  • The lace-up closure promotes enough grip on the ankle, and it’s still profitable!

The classic shoe of Adidas for people who are looking for something basic but still works efficiently! The price of rugby shoes is also perfect.

Canterbury Stampede 2.0 SG Rugby Boots


  • The synthetic PU material has excellent quality compared to other boots in the market.
  • The upper part is durable, and it will last longer than other shoes!
  • The reinforced toe box is excellent for forefoot strength. I suggest this one for the forward players!
  • The collar part has 10mm foam cushioning, which provides additional comfort. This shoe is great for long training sessions.
  • The wide fitting of the forefoot part is excellent for people with wide feet!

This one is a high-quality rugby boot for any player out there. If you have trouble finding suitable shoes for your needs, you should try out this one!

Canterbury Speed 2.0 SG Rugby Boots

  • Another perfect shoe from the Canterbury brand. This one is perfect for the back players!
  • The color of rugby boots is also perfect!
  • The stud wrench is excellent for tightening up the studs!
  • The fit is excellent for turning and fakes; it’s effortless on the ankle.
  • The heel raise is perfect for running. It reduces lower limb strains and provides the best stance for running.
  • The screw-in studs can be removed or shaped to your needs.

I’ve used these rugby boots, and I love the design and comfort of the rugby boots. It’s perfect for back players. I’ve played number 9 most of the time, and this one is perfectly suitable for scrum-halves and fly-halves too!

Gilbert Jink Pro 6 Stud Rugby Boot

  • Another classic rugby boots for people looking for alternative boots!
  • The Nappa leather is lightweight compared to other rugby boots in the market.
  • It has a light and flexible design compared to other shoes.
  • It’s waterproof, which makes it great for rainy weather!
  • The redesigned system is excellent for providing support around the cradle.
  • The lacing system is excellent for providing a superior fit.

This shoe will be great for flankers since it’s lightweight and supportive at the same time. The shoe enables a powerful move from the feet to the above of the body, which is a must for tackling situations. The stud part is also changeable with different types of studs, which makes it extra sturdy. You can change the studs depending on your preferences!

Gilbert Celera V3 HI 8S Boot

  • The classic design of these rugby boots makes it great for rugby players on a high level!
  • The outsole is made of bio-frame right, which is the newest design of Gilbert.
  • The upper part is made DDuraPU, which is a high PU material!
  • The wide fit allows for comfort for wide foot players.

The rigid TPU board provides a significant amount of forefoot flex, which is great for the forward players. The shoe also has a basic design, which makes it preferable by some players!

adidas Performance Men’s Crazyquick Malice Soft Ground Rugby Boots

  • This one is specially made for soft ground. You will feel the agility and the speed it provides the moment you put it on!
  • The lightweight design is great for the back players. My teammate, who plays fullback, loves these shoes because of the lightweight design.
  • The synthetic upper par is durable enough.
  • The flex zones are great for providing the shoes with the support in the midfoot and flex in the forefoot for acceleration and declaration. This is pretty crucial for players who continuously try speed up and speed down for different situations.
  • The raised heel provides the best stance for running.
  • The Speedtraxion outsole reduces the time on the ground.
  • The studs are perfect for soft grounds, and it allows for maximum acceleration and quick turns. If you are playing on soft grounds and look for high-quality rugby shoes, you should get this one!

Canterbury 2016 Phoenix Club 8 Stud Men’s Training Rugby Boots

  • I like the eight stud versions when it comes to real grass.
  • The synthetic material is high-quality. The product is designed to last longer than other products.
  • The neoprene tongue is excellent for long term usage.
  • These shoes are great for long training sessions, and they can endure almost any weather condition.
  • The TPU within the sole is excellent for providing flexibility.
  • The reinforced zones in the shoes are great for the forward players. It will provide an adequate amount of support for your feet! It will give a considerable amount of traction on the multiple types of pitches. There are also three designs on the sales page so you can easily find a suitable rugby shoe for your needs!

Optimum Razor Rugby Boots

  • I’ve to admit that I’ve seen these optimum shoes for the first time, but they look pretty sharp.
  • The upper part is made of high-quality material.
  • The design is lightweight compared to another shoe, and it looks pretty intense.
  • The resin sole is high-quality, and it’s designed to last longer!
  • The shoe is pretty soft and flexible, but it also provides an enormous amount of stability.
  • The studs are highly ergonomic and suitable for most of the situations.

These shoes can work great for teenagers since it provides you with the basics. The price is also great, which makes it a great alternative.

Optimum Tribal Rugby Boots

  • The design of the boots is a little bit small compared to other shoes. If you have wide feet, you might have problems.
  • They are great for teenagers since the price is low compared to other shoes.
  • You can buy it for your kids or nephews. It will make a great gift for teenage rugby players!
  • The brand is pretty good, and they produce typical quality products at a reasonable price.
  • The size can be small for some people. You can use a size bigger than your original one.
  • The colors are pretty bright and attractive.

The material quality is high compared to its price. If you are looking for a high-value rugby boot, you can buy this one. It’s also suitable for the back players, which makes it a great alternative!

How to Pick Best Rugby Boots?

There are a couple of things you need to be careful about if you want to pick the best rugby boots possible. Each shoe has a different feature, which makes it advantageous for different situations. First, you have to determine which position you are buying the boots for. This affects the outcome of the purchase. After that, you can move on the classic things like material quality, price, comfort, stability, design, and durability. These factors are pretty the same for almost any shoe, so that I will inspect them in a single chapter. You can also read the sections about the forward and back players separately if you don’t know what you are looking for!

Material Quality

The material quality of the product is directly related to the price. Most of the popular products use high-quality materials for their products. You have to make sure the soles are high-quality if you want a long-lasting product. Most of the shoes are made of synthetic materials, and this is perfectly fine. You have to check the shoe by yourself in a local retailer store. This will ensure you get a high-quality rugby boot for your needs. There are some leather shoes in the market, but they are tough to find. These shoes also don’t last as long as synthetic models. You have to keep this in mind!


Most of the rugby shoes have a cost of around fifty dollars. This is the baseline for most of the shoes. High-quality shoes start about eighty dollars most of the time. If you are not a professional or serious player, you can easily use regular shoes without any problems. They provide the most necessary things without going overboard on unnecessary functions. If you are a teenager, you can spend around thirty-forty bucks to get an efficient shoe. The bottom part of the article has two shoes, which are great for teenagers.


The comfort of the shoe is pretty crucial, in my opinion. Players generally neglect this, but you will pay the price in the long run! If you don’t want overuse injuries for your feet, you should pay attention the comfort. An adequate amount of heel support is necessary for any rugby player, and it’s pretty crucial. The shoe also should provide some amount of flexibility so your feet can move freely while they are in the shoes!


The ankle stability of the shoe is pretty crucial, in my opinion. This is especially important for the forward players. Forward players engage in physical contact. Most of the match and ankle stability can cause bad issues for them. You have to check and find a shoe find little bit heel support to provide you the best stance in the defense and offense situations. The heel support is the main criteria you should check for.

The laces and back part of the shoe is also essential for stability. You can check out asymmetrical laces for better overall support for your feet, or you can change the lacing system by yourself. The ankle support should be tight enough, but it should also allow for some movement. Make sure you check out all of the basics before you move on to the other functions!


This is the least important thing, but some people do care about it! I like black and red shoes. However, you can pick whatever you want. Some players prefer classic shoes, and that’s perfectly fine. You have to make sure the shoe are suitable for your team jersey, and it won’t cause any problems in the field. Some studs are forbidden for amateur matches, which can be a problem too. You have to make sure your shoe is suitable for the situation!


The durability of the shoe is essential, in my opinion. I don’t want to change my shoes every 2-3 months because they also take the shape of your feet after some usage. This will affect your performance in the long run, which might be bad for your overall performance! You should also look for shoes that can last for a year, in my opinion. You can use different shoes for training and the matches which I do from time to time. You can still change the shoes for the last 2-3 training sessions so you can adapt to them before your games.

Best Rugby Boots for Forwards

The rugby shoe for forwards has different functions. They have to be more stable and comfortable compared to the back player’s shoes. This is important for the serious forward players because you will engage in the hardest physical contacts in the matches.

The forward boots should have high-ankle rises and more grip as I said before. Because high-ankle provides more stability for the player’s ankle. You should look for boots for grip and stability. Foot protection might be a good idea because things can get really nasty!

Best Rugby Boots for Backs

Flexibility, speed, and acceleration are essential stuff when it comes to rugby shoes for back players. The shoe you pick needs to be flexible and robust at the same time. You have to change the directions pretty fast, which can be affected by a sturdy boot!


There are tons of rugby shoes in the market. You can even use classic soccer or football shoes for rugby. However, if you want to be at your best, you have to pick a suitable rugby shoe for your needs. Make sure you read all of this article and find yourself an appropriate pair of rugby boots!

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