13 Best Shin Guards for Youth in 2020

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Shin guards are a must for any sports player out there. They are crucial for youth players because of the additional protection they provide. Soccer is a tough sport, and it has one of the highest rates of injuries per game. You can also use the shin guards for other sports, but they are not a necessary item most of the time. Sports like football and rugby also use the shin guards, but they are not essential in my opinion. Let’s jump right into the subject and take a look at the best shin guards for youth players.

Top Seller Shin Guards for Youth Players

adidas Performance F50 Youth Shin Guards

  • There are three different color options on the sales page. You can pick the one depending on your needs!
  • The smaller shield and lower profile of the shin guard make it perfect for youngsters!
  • The front plate is hard enough to protect from the impacts.
  • There is a soft cushioning on the back part which provides a comfortable fit.
  • You can check the sizing information and find a suitable size without worries.

Adidas is a well-known brand so you don2’t have to worry about the quality. However, you should buy the perfect size if you do not want to have performance issues!

G-Form Pro S Compact Shin Guard

  • The shin guard provides certified protection for both EU and US players. It meets the NOCSAE and CE standards!
  • The product is extremely flexible which makes it comfortable for young players.
  • The patented RPT padding is perfect for impacts but it’s also flexible and soft!
  • The sleeve is durable and ultra-comfortable which makes it a great choice for professional young players.
  • The care of the products is extremely easy, you can put them into the machine without worrying about degrading in the quality.

I’ve seen a couple of these shin guards and it’s the most stable one in my opinion. You can’t even move these things once you put them on. They are extremely stable so the player does not have to worry about them shifting over!

Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards for Kids

  • The shin guard is made of lightweight PP shell, which is great for little kids.
  • The lightweight design is perfect for the kids.
  • The seller’s page has a different design that is suitable for the kids.
  • You can pick bright and shiny colors if you want to get your kid’s attraction.
  • The backing is foam padded, which is perfect for comfort.
  • You should check out the size chart before making the purchase.

If you are looking for a primary shin guard for kids, this might be your answer. The price is perfect for the price, and it’s one of the best sellers in the market.

Sportout Adult Youth Kids Soccer Shin Guards

  • One of the best brands out there. This shin guard works as promised.
  • The front plates are sturdy, and they provide the best protection against violent impacts.
  • The front part of the shin guard is high-quality and lightweight at the same time. The durability is also outstanding.
  • The back part of the shin guard has EVA foam padding, which is the highest quality material you can get for a shin guard.
  • It’s perfectly suitable for long training sessions because of the comfort.
  • The high-elastic sleeves fit perfectly to any knee, which also provides additional protection for the kids!
  • The sales page has six different designs, and all of them look fantastic, in my opinion!

If you are looking for a high-quality shin guard for your kid, you should think about this one. It has the quality you are looking for.

GeekSport Soccer Shin Guards Youth

  • The sales page has five different designs.
  • The ergonomic streamline design is perfect for long games and training sessions. Your kid won’t even feel the shin guard on his or her legs.
  • They do not apply any pressure to the legs, which is perfect for any sports!
  • There are three different sizes, so you have to pick according to your needs!
  • The front part is created with a high-quality PP shell, which is exceptionally durable. Your kid won’t feel any impact while wearing this one!
  • It has EVA backing on the back part, which is the perfect comfort pad.
  • The socks work perfectly


Gonex Soccer Shin Guards for Kids

  • The product has four different design options on the sales page!
  • It’s made of lightweight PP on the front side to protect your kid’s legs from impacts. The design is extremely lightweight but provides an adequate amount of protection!
  • The shin guards went through high-pressure tests without any problems at all!
  • EVA padded guards are perfect for distributing the force evenly. This is great for avoiding severe injuries!
  • The grid design on the pad allows for better breathing, which makes it perfect for long training sessions! I suggest this shin guard for soccer events!
  • Calf sleeves are the perfect choice when it comes to keeping shin guards in place.

If your kid is looking for shin guards for soccer, you should buy this one!

Zealony Soccer Shin Guards for Kids

  • The EVA foam back is high-quality, and it provides a considerable amount of support for your kid’s legs.
  • The front part is designed with lightweight PP, which provides a vast amount of protection.
  • The front closure and ankle straps are perfect for an excellent fitting!
  • This is one of the best shin guards when it comes to staying in place. Your kid can use this one for long game sessions and doesn’t have to worry about it coming off.
  • You should check out the sizes before ordering the final product!

This one is perfect for soccer because it’s lightweight. The design also looks good, which might be another reason to purchase.

adidas Performance Lesto Shin Guard

  • You can’t go wrong with high-quality brands like Adidas.
  • The front plates are made of 95 percent PP and 5 percent thermoplastic gum. This design ensures maximum protection with lightweight properties.
  • You have to check out the sizes before making the final order.
  • Some customers find it thin compared to other shin guards, but I think the design is the reason behind it.
  • This shin guard has a lightweight design, and this is the reason behind its thinness!

If you are looking for a high-quality shin guard for your kid, you can prefer this one!


Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guard

  • I like the small shin guards because they are lightweight but still provide some protection.
  • If you are an attacker who doesn’t like bulky things on their legs, you should think about this one!
  • The ultra-thin design is perfect for keeping the weight light!
  • It can withstand the impacts of an elite level game!
  • The flexible shell is great for covering up the whole shin. It has a flexible design to cover up the entire leg!
  • A durable shell is bonded with foam materials to diffuse the impact.

The stretch sleeve provides an additional fitting, which is perfect. If your kid is looking for a lightweight shin guard, you should get this one!

Neymar Jr Mercurial Lite Shin Guards

  • This one is similar to the one above, but it has one difference: it’s designed for Neymar Jr.
  • Ultra-thin coverage is perfect for long training sessions and matches.
  • The shell is exceptionally durable, like the one above.
  • Impact diffusion is perfect compared to other shin guards in the market!


DashSport Soccer Shin Guards

  • The sales page has four different designs. I think the red one looks perfect compared to the other ones!
  • The shin guard is comfortable and flexible, thanks to its design.
  • It weighs a little bit more compared to other shin guards, but if you want the additional protection, you should get this one!
  • If you follow the size chart, you can get a suitable one for your kid quickly!
  • 1-year replacement guarantee!
  • Ankle sleeve support is perfect for young kids. It will be suitable for most of the situations!

The price is on the high-end, but the product is perfect. It doesn’t have any flaws at all, but it provides the best amount of protection compared to other shin guards in the market. The weight could be an issue, but it’s not that different from other shin guards!

cGy Youth Soccer Shin Guards

  • This one has a better price because of the two-pack version.
  • If you are looking for a value product, you can get this one. It also has a three-pack version.
  • The colors are vibrant, which makes them attractive for the kids!
  • The design is specially shaped for the lower leg, which makes them the perfect fit. If your kid continually has problems with fitting, you should try these because they are perfect for youth players!
  • The fitting is stable and comfortable.
  • The Lightweight PP shell design is perfect for long training sessions!
  • The buckle straps are elastic and adjustable, which is perfect for a comfortable fit!

If you are looking for an essential shin guard who does the job as advertised, you can get these! They work perfectly and don’t have any flaws at all! I also like the colors of the shin guards because they are bright and shiny, which makes them ideal for little kids!

DashSport Soccer Shin Guards Youth

  • This is an elite level of shin guards that are specially designed for youth players.
  • You have to check the size chart before you make the final purchase!
  • The sleeves are pretty soft; it feels like silk.
  • The guards hard, and they provide an adequate amount of protection to your kid’s calves!
  • The compression sleeves are great for improving the blood flow. They will also keep the guards in place.

The product comes with a money-back guarantee, which is perfect if you don’t like the product. There are two color options on the sales page you can pick the one according to your needs!

How to Pick Best Shin guards for Kids?

Tons of shin guards are specially designed for youth players. You have to know some basic features of them before you make your final purchase. It’s essential to know these basics if you want to buy a nice pair of shin guards. These factors can be listed at material quality, comfort, flexibility, weight, and price. The importance of these factors depends on your preferences. It also depends on the sport your kid plays. Let’s take a look at these parameters before you make your final decision!

Front Material

The front part is made of PP(Polypropylene), which is the standard material for most of the shin guards. Some big brands use different materials for the front part, which makes little difference, in my opinion! If you are looking for lightweight products, you can prefer the big brands since they are generally thin because of their quality. For example, Adidas uses a material called thermoplastic gum, which adds additional flexibility to the product. It also reduces the weight of it, which is extra good, in my opinion!

Back Material

The paddings are generally made of EVA foam, which provides enough comfort for the kid! You can find products with other materials, but EVA foam padding is perfect for any of your needs.


The comfort should be your primary concern if your kid regularly uses the shin guards. Long training sessions and matches are excruciating, especially if your shin guard is of low quality. If your kid continually uses the shin guards, you should be looking for comfortable shin guards. Elastic straps are great for providing additional comfort because your kid can easily set the straps according to their preferred level. The weight of the product generally affects the support of the product, which I will inspect later on.


The lightweight design of the product is critical. If your kid is going to use the product regularly, you might want to look into lightweight products. The lightweight design is also crucial for soccer. Most of the attack players use lightweight shin guards because of the number of sprints they make. Defenders can prefer shin guards with more protection since they get involved in more 1v1 situations compared to other players. Some midfielders also prefer lightweight shin guards, and this is pretty normal. If your kid plays an attacking position, you should look into lightweight products!


The shin guards have some flexibility. It’s up to a degree. Some shin guards are hard, which might also cause damage to your kid’s calves. You should look at and check the material before you purchase the shin guards. You should buy hard shin guards only if you are sure about their quality. The shin guards should bend up to 5-10 degrees, which is the perfect number, in my opinion! You don’t want to put a rock into your kid’s legs.


The price of the shin guards generally around ten dollars for a pair. There are better shin guards if you want to spend around 20 dollars, which is the bare minimum, in my opinion. There are some shin guards around 30-40 dollars, but they don’t have too much difference, in my opinion. You can also find sleeve or ankle sleeve combos on the internet, which might be a viable option.


These are the factors you need to check before you make your final purchase. You can also check the comparison table if you don’t want to spend too much time on the article. If you follow my instructions exactly, you can find yourself a good pair of shin guards easily!

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