5 Best Lacrosse Heads in 2020

Ayhan Acar
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Lacrosse is a fast sport therefore you need the right lacrosse head to perform at your best in the field! There are different types of heads that might be suitable for different leagues. You might come across NCAA or NFHS lacrosse heads. Some universal heads are in the market and those are suitable for any type of league! Let’s take a look at the best sellers so we can pick a suitable model for you!

Top Sellers

STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Unstrung Head

  • The product has three unique designs on the sales page!
  • The ground ball play is enhanced in this new version of STX.
  • The scooping is easy with this one, this will definitely improve the gameplay of the kids.
  • The two sidewall design will provide optimal stability when shooting.
  • The new stallion 700 design is %25 stiffer and %5 lighter than previous models.
  • Meets NCAA and NFHS Rules

This is a great lacrosse head overall, The product has a stiff design, but it’s still lightweight which makes it pretty good! There are tons of holes on the product which makes it great for customizing to your own style!

The shooting consistency also looks pretty good compared to other heads. If you are an attacking player, you can try it out and see yourself!

Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

  • There are six color options on the sales page.
  • The product is made in CANADA which makes it high-quality.
  • I really love unstrung heads because they are perfect for learning the game. You can fix your mistakes instantly!
  • The durability of the product is perfect thanks to perfect craftsmanship. There are no marks on the product!
  • The product has a distinctive look and stands out compared to standard lacrosse heads.

I can definitely suggest this one. The brand is pretty good and they make high-quality materials!


Maverik Lacrosse Optik Universal Unstrung Head

  • There are six different styles on the sales page.
  • The tilt-tech string hold design is perfect for improved ball release!
  • This one is perfect for defensive midfield players since it allows for better ball control and quick ball release.
  • The product is pretty lightweight which makes it compact and fast!
  • The durability is also good considering the weight of the product.

This is a great product overall but it’s pretty stiff. You might have problems if you are an offensive player.

STX Lacrosse Duel U Unstrung Face-Off Lacrosse Head

  • This one has a special design for face-off specialists! It’s the perfect lacrosse head for x zone.
  • The revolutionary design allows the player to get closer to the ball!
  • The flex zones in the mid part allow players to better faceoff movements!
  • The dual sidewall braces are perfect for extra stability on the ground balls!
  • The third screw hole is perfect for stability.
  • The head part is more stable compared to other lacrosse heads, this feature makes it perfect for face-offs!

If you are looking for a flexible face off head you can get this one! This might be the best lacrosse head for faceoff!

Warrior Rabil Strung Lacrosse Head

  • This one is specially designed for MLL superstar Paul Rabil. It’s a personally tweaked product for ultimate shooting effectiveness!
  • The maximum truoffset design is perfect for pocket release! It will give you the increased velocity you have been looking for!
  • The lacrosse head is an all-around product with perfect shooting power!
  • The restrung has problems but it still works okay.

The design is perfect for aggressive players, if you like to score and dominate the game you should get this one!

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